About reaLIZe Yoga & Sound

I’m Liz, I devise and facilitate yoga and sound bath sessions designed to guide you towards your own power and realisation that you hold the keys to improving your body, mind and soul.

Yoga is so much more than stretching and throwing shapes in a room full of lycra clad bodies. Yoga is not limited to physical practices, it includes movement breathing, concentration and meditative techniques.

Taking a progressive and holistic understanding, together we approach movement of the physical body, engage the power of the breath and learn to master the complexities of the brain. Improving the way we function on all these levels creates balance and harmony

Yoga literally means union or connection and yoga practice helps us to discover connection on a fundamental level.

Explore the site. If you would like to have a chat about whether yoga is right for you please contact me.

I strongly believe that everyone who wants to try yoga deserves the chance to discover a practice in a non-judgemental and welcoming environment.

About me

I am a mum with two young children, juggling the challenges that come along with that package.

I worked in the National Health Service for a large portion of my adult life, I am currently continuing my studies whilst sharing yoga and sound with others.

I’m with you, living the struggle in these busy unrelenting times. In yogic terms people like me and you are generally acknowledged as “householders”, which simply means we are ordinary folk, doing our best whilst going about our lives.

I am a trained and insured yoga teacher (RYT) with additional certificates in meditation and children’s yoga  and a diploma in group sound therapy. I hold an advanced DBS.

I am Registered with Yoga Alliance (YA), Independent Yoga Network (IYN) and the International Therapeutic Sound Association (ITSA)

About Yoga Sessions

The emphasis is on encouraging you to take ownership of your own experience and discover (or realize) what a yoga practice means to you. You will be guided through yogic techniques on a journey towards self acknowledgment of your individual experience of yoga.

Your practice is about you and your capabilities. Challenge yourself but be kind, listen to your body and accept your limitations. 

About Sound Sessions

After making yourself comfortable you will be gently guided towards a state of deep relaxation. Deep relaxation can be refreshing, cleansing and potentially therapeutic.

Specialist instruments are used which, through their vibrational properties, create sound waves that can tune in to our own physiological rhythms and vibrations.

Sound baths can be enjoyed as a passive relaxation experience but they have real power when you take responsibility as an agent for change within yourself; I help you to do this through use of a therapeutic approach which can bring an improved sense of flow and balance into your life.

If you can find time for a session with me I will help you realize the benefits of yoga and sound.

Currently adult yoga sessions are online via Zoom, children’s yoga and sound bath sessions are in person. Head to the booking page to see what classes are on offer or contact me for bespoke or private sessions.

For any session with me you are advised to:

  • Pay attention to your body and your practice – avoid watching or comparing to others.
  • Take it steady – don’t rush, go easy on yourself.
  • Stop if you feel pain or unbearable discomfort – don’t force, strain or push on through.
  • Listen to the guidance and ask if unsure about anything

Open your mind and your body will follow. 

Most of all enjoy exploring!

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