Yoga Asana

Asana are the postural practices which you are probably familiar with when yoga comes to mind. A session is a series of postures performed one after the other sequentially. 

Most of the practices are not vigorous but you will exert some physical effort, you may feel your heart rate and body temperature rise, it may feel challenging at times.

Not too fast, not too slow, the yoga asana sessions are moderately paced flowing practices. We always start with a warm up, somewhere in the session we incorporate some pranayama breathing practice and we finish with release and relaxation.

Suitable for beginners and those with a little more experience, the sessions are designed to be progressive; by being mindful of your body, breath and brain you are in control of how far you take your individual practice.

The intensity of a session will depend on the type of programme you are attending, for example a chair based programme will be gentle and less intensive than a mat based programme. There may be breathing exercises included in a session and there may be meditation or mindfulness practices introduced

A great way to unwind from the stresses and strains of day to day life whilst improving flexibility of body and mind. Yoga is a good complementary practice to other physical exercises and activities.

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