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Sound and Health

There are many benefits to health & wellbeing that can be realised with therapeutic sound & music. Alongside an increased sense of wellbeing and positive mood people experiencing sound in a therapeutic context report reductions in stress, anxiety, muscle tension and physical pain.

As a qualified Group Sound Therapist with The British Academy of Sound Therapy, I am excited to offer sound bath and sonic experiences in and around Grantham and more widely in the East Midlands.

Soundbaths, Soundscapes and sonic art, Drum Journey, Rhythm of life sessions

Some sessions look more deeply into the use of sound and music to improve health and wellbeing and others will focus more on sound and music as an art form as well as for creativity and fun.

What is a sound bath? 

A sound bath involves the use of particular instruments to surround or “bathe” the participant in sound. The instruments are played sensitively to encourage a deeply relaxed state.

The experience can be enjoyed purely for relaxation or can be used alongside a reflective therapeutic process to encourage a sense of flow and ease in an individual. 

In my sound baths I may use gongs, Himalayan bowls, crystal bowls, drums and various percussion instruments either singly or in combination to ease you in and out of a deeply relaxed state.

What should I expect? 

When everyone is arrived I will introduce the session and any themes before inviting you to lie down, relax and enjoy. You will be lying down and receiving sound for a minimum of one hour.

Each person will experience something different so it is best to keep an open mind as prior expectations may limit your experience.

You can ask me any questions either before or after the session. In some sessions you may be invited to participate in a private, individual reflection exercise, this is optional on your part. 

What do I need to do? 

Turn up at the venue on time, wearing comfortable clothing, something that won’t distract you during the relaxation experience.

Whilst I provide a mat and blanket for your comfort I strongly advise that you bring your own cushions extra blankets, bolsters, sleeping bag or beanbags; having plenty of items to make you comfy and warm ensures that you aren’t distracted by the cold or the floor surface. 

Before your first session with me I will need to collect some health information from you to keep everyone safe in the sound space, please complete a health questionnaire here before booking your first session.

Spaces are limited at each session so please be sure to book your space via the class timetable.

Please contact me for more information, look out for updates on my social media pages.

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