A less physical practice, the intention is to stretch the breath and the brain to encourage a calm and centred mind. There is a small amount of physical stretching to open up the chest and the energetic channels in preparation for contemplative concentration. 

Suitable for beginners and those with a little more experience, the sessions are holistic

All sessions start with gentle opening stretches, moving in to pranayama (working with the breath), and various exercises and concentration techniques to improve mental focus and encourage relaxation

The initial challenge with meditation is being still for a significant period of time, there are ways in which we can prepare our physical body for this.

Traditionally meditation is practised seated on the floor however we can work with your individual circumstances to enable a comfortable position to promote the stillness required for practice.

Great for finding a calm space in your busy life, or exploring your internal landscape on a deeper level. Meditation can help you to navigate modern life.

Yoga asana is recommended to complement meditation practice.

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